PIMS User Guides

Initial Configuration

Before you can start to use the Pims Contract Management module it must be configured to meet your business philosophy or best practice. Open the Setup Form located in the Contract Management navigation menu to configure or review Contract Management key settings. This section is not intended for regular users of the Contract Management module, and usually an administrator or super user will complete the configuration.

Contract Types

In this section of the setup form you can review the default contract types. The contract type is only an information field and will not impact the business logic of the application. Note that the contract types are not project specific, so by modifying this list, all projects in the current installation will be impacted.

Contract Status

In this section of the setup form all the contract statuses can be managed. Note that the contract status are not project specific, so by modifying this list, all projects in the current installation will be impacted.

Element Status

Figure 1: Element Status Overview

The element status is used to determine the category of the cost (e.g. original contract, commitment, forecast). When inputting the cost category, you will only be allowed to choose among the categories in the list. If additional categorization is needed, system support will be needed as this will impact commitment status reports.

The Estimate Category is a critical field for the integration with Project Control Basis module. When using the “Copy Contracts” feature available in Work Packs Estimates, it will use the Estimate Category. If a Element Status does not have an Estimate Category, cost elements with that status will not be copied to the estimate register. In the example above, Disputed VO’s will not be copied to the estimate category. Cost Elements with status “OrigContract” will end up in the Estimate register with the category “Contract”.


A register of accepted unit codes used when inputting cost information.

Milestone Types

A register of available milestone types to be used (e.g. Payment Milestone). Using Milestone Types allows distinguishing between the Milestones.


A register of the currencies and the exchange rates that is used during the project. The information is project specific. The exchange rates are normally defined at start of the project. Note that this register is the same as the Currencies register available in the Project Control Basis module.

Responsibility Areas

A register of available Responsibility Areas (e.g. Service management, Relationship management, Contract administration). Note that Responsibility Areas are project specific.

Other Options

Generate Contractor Spread Automatically: If the contractor’s baseline functionality is used, this should be checked, so that the spread records are automatically generated.