PIMS User Guides

Managing Changes to Contracts

To register a variation order, or other changes to a contract, a new cost element needs to be created, as described in the Cost Breakdown section of this user guide. If you enter a new variation number in the VO-field, you will be prompted to fill in additional information about the VO. To create a new variation order, you can also, click the “Create New VO” button in the toolbar.

Figure 9: Create new VO

You can choose if you want to:

  1. Create a new contract element for this VO
  2. Add a reference to your current element

Option 2 is chosen if the current Contract Element is a VOR, and you want to change the status to a VO. In other cases, chose option 1 and it will generate a new contract element. By clicking on the “Edit Selected VO” a “Variation Orders” form is open where you can input additional information to selected Variation Order.

Figure 10: Variation Orders

More detailed description can be filled in using the text editor in Description tab. To view the VO report, click on the “Preview VO Report” button in the toolbar.


The Contract Forecast is defined as:

Original contract value + approved variation orders + other approved commitments + pending VOR’s or other potential changes

The Project Forecast can include other cost not registered against the contract, e.g. contingency, expected growth or other unforeseen changes.

In the Project Baseline Estimate, it is possible to copy the contract information, and use it as part of the current control estimate or forecast. This is described in more detail in the Project Control Basis user guide.