PIMS User Guides

Registering a Change

Figure 5: Changes Form

To register a new change, open the “Changes” form, and add a new record.

Column Description
Change Number A unique alphanumeric number uniquely identifying the change
Status The Status for the change:
  • Pending
  • Cancelled
  • Rejected
  • Approved
To approve or reject a change, see explanation below
Title The Title of the change
Category The categorization of the change. See the Setup & Configuration section above for explanation
Classification The classification of the change. See the Setup & Configuration section above for explanation
Prepared By The Team Member that prepared the change
Owner The Team Member that is considered the Owner of the change
MTO Received When the MTO (material take-off) for the change was received
Estimated When the estimate for the change was prepared
Proposal No A reference to the change proposal number
Comments Comments to the selected change

More detailed description, including the reason for the change, can be registered in the Description tab page.


The cost impact of the change is registered in the “Estimate” tab page. Each estimate line needs to be related to a work package. It is also possible to identify what Work package the funds should be transferred from. If the funds should be transferred from the Contingency, choose one of the Work Packages defined as contingency work package. Read more about Contingency in the next section.

Figure 6: Estimate Tab

It is also possible to attach files (e.g. Excel spreadsheets, PDF documents) to further document the change. This is done in the “Attachments” tab page.


Schedule, Cost and Other Impact, as well as affected Areas are registered in this tab page.

Figure 7: Impact Tab in the Changes Form

Approval / Rejection

The Approvers of the change and their decisions can be registered in the Approval/Rejection tab. Note that it does not contain an automatic workflow concept. If desired, this will need to be configured separately.

Contracts Cost Elements

In the Contract Cost Elements tab page, the cost impact on the Contracts is shown. To relate a contract cost element (e.g. a variation order) to a cost change, enter the change reference number in the Cost Breakdown of the Contracts form (in the Contract Management module):

Figure 8: Contract Cost Elements Tab in the Changes Form

The cost information from the contract register can be used to populate the estimate for the change. To do that, click the “Prepare Estimate Based on Contracts” button in the toolbar. Actions related to the selected Change can be registered in the Actions tab page:

Figure 9: Actions Tab in the Changes Form

All actions need to have Responsible person and a Status.