PIMS User Guides

Document Control System - WEB


The purpose of this user guide is to provide general knowledge about how to handle a technical document flow between client and contractor by using the Pims Document Control System (Pims DCS). The Pims DCS has two front ends, a windows application and a web application. This user guide will focus on the latter, from now on called Pims DC WEB or just WEB. Three different processes regarding the technical document flow will be covered:

The user guide will, however, as well show how the user of this web interface can navigate through both the technical and administrative documents register and quickly, through efficient search functionalities, find relevant documents.

The Pims DC WEB application also provides each user with a personal dashboard. Features include an overview of the logged-in user’s actions and documents, as well as statuses of other relevant documents.

External users (contractors) logged-on can only see transmittals and documents they have submitted themselves and transmittals and documents sent to them.

The client personnel have got full access to all documents in the DCS apart from documents with restricted access.

The Pims DC WEB application in the client is NOT designed for entering new documents into the Pims DCS. To enter new documents the Pims Windows application has to be used.