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Pims Document Control - Concurrent Markup


With Pims Document Control, users can utilize commonly used applications such as Adobe PDF Reader or Foxit Reader to markup PDF documents to perform concurrent markup.

For CAD drawings and many other formats, concurrent markup can be performed through the tight integrated Rasterex software.


If the documents to be reviewed is in PDF format, you can utilize Adobe PDF (Pro, Standard or Reader) or the Foxit PDF Reader.

Adobe PDF Pro/Standard (licensed)

Includes several annotation and drawing markup tools, such as sticky notes, text highlgting, drawings, audio. For detailed description of their features, please visit: help.adobe.com
Integrates seamless with Pims.

Adobe Reader (free)

If the the documents are enabled for commenting, Adobe Reader 8 or later can be utilized. To enable a PDF document for commenting, the user will need to have Adobe PDF Pro or Standard. With Adobe Reader X, the document will have basic markup features enabled (sticky notes and text highlighting), even if commenting is not enabled. A drawback with the Adobe Reader is that the integration with Pims is a little less seamless (a few extra clicks as the Reader always will prompt for where to store the commented PDF file)

FoxIt Reader (free)

Foxit Reader offers basically the same markup features are Adobe Pro or Standard. Integrates seamless with Pims. FoxIt Reader is the most popular PDF Reader, after Adobe's own PDF reader.

Rasterex (licensed)

When you need to support concurrent markup features in a variaty of formats, including CAD Drawings, Rasterex is the best option.

Read more about Rasterex here: rasterex.com

How does it work?

The reviewers can access and perform the review and markup using Pims. The user will see a list of all documents pending his/her review:

In the files to review section, the reviewer will click on "Review", and the file will be opened using the default PDF software; in this example FoxIt Reader:

Do the markup in the PDF application

Upload the comments to Pims.

The process will be basically the same for Adobe Pro or Standard. If one utilize Adobe PDF Reader, the user will be asked to where the file should be saved. He must then select the destination defined in Pims, before clicking the Upload button in Pims.