PIMS User Guides

Documents for Review

By selecting Documents Review in the menu you will get a screen showing all documents due for comments.

Toggle the buttons on top of the form to include reviewed documents and documents returned to originator to the list.

The list in the upper part of the window shows all the documents where the person who is logged in has a review action or is included just for information (no action needed/allowed). There are two different Action Types which require an action, Comments and Comments Responsible. See below for more details.

There are sub-tabs in Documents Review.

My Review

The actual review and the different actions it consists of take place in the first tab “My Review”. This tab will look a little different for users with different Action Types (see below).

  1. For Information only (I): no actions are open, only preview of document and sub-tabs.
  2. Comments (C): Add your comments to this document in the box and/or add a file the grid "Files with Review Comments" by cheching out the file from "File to review" grid or uploading to "Files with Review Comments"
    • when finished press "Save As Reviewed". The document will disappear from the upper list of documents;
    • if you want to save your text temporarily use "Save as Draft" and continue later - everything is saved;
    • if you have no comments use the button "No Comments". Also here the document will disappear from the list and your action is over.
  3. Comments Responsible (CR): The task is to consolidate the comments from the other reviews into one final comment text that is places into "Files to be returned" grid. To add a comment from another person use the button "Add to Editor" (under tab "Other Reviewers’ Comments"). When all text and files are done you have a couple of options:
    • "Save as Draft". Your text has been saved and you can continue the work at a later stage.
    • "Finalize the Review". This will close the review process. Before this option is available one of the four options has to be selected.

Other Reviewers' Comments

This tab is for informational purpose only for For Information and Comments receivers but Comments Responsible can send reminders and add comments to editor.

Previous Revisions

This tab previews files of previous document revisions.

External Comments

External Comments tab is read-only and lists comments from external parties.


When a document is sent out for review, all people involved will be notified when it will be their time to review by receiving an e-mail.

The mail consists of information about the document(s) reviewed: document ID, title, revision, review deadline etc. as well as an URL-link to the web page where it is possible to perform the review.