PIMS User Guides

Logging on to Pims DC WEB

The Pims DCS can easily be accessed from all computers with an internet connection without installing any special applications through the Pims DC WEB application.

Only two steps are required to get in:

  1. Access the URL in Internet Explorer
  2. Enter Username and Password

You will enter the Pims DC WEB.

On the home page quick links to applications for the client or contractor/vendor are located.

Using the Menu Bar

Bar Menu Item Description
Home Returns to the Home page.
Apps Lists links to the Pims DCS WEB applications. By holding down Ctrl while clicking on the link wil open the Pims DCS WEB application in new tab.
User actions menu Contains:
  • Logout functionality
  • Change domain functionality
  • Change password functionality
  • Shows current domain

The rest of this user guide will cover applications represented by these menu options in separate chapters.

Other functionalities can as well be built into the Pims DC WEB application, but it is a goal not to make it too complicated. Long experience shows that “simplicity” works best in most cases.