PIMS User Guides

Document Search and Details


Document search can be done by specifying document disciplines, originator companies and document types on the right side of the search screen or by using the search field on its own.

By combining two or more words in a search you can narrow down the results, and it might help you find the document, you are looking for, faster. Simply leave a space between the different search words and all will be taken into acocunt.

Search can be extended by also searching within the file attachments by using "Search file content" checkbox.

Search provides basic information about the document and lists document current revision files. To view detailed information about document click on document title. Document Details form will be opened.

Document Details

In document detalis user can view all document information of document the person who is logged has access to.

Document Revisions

If document is confidential and the person who is logged is not in the access list of a document, the person still will see only those revisions, that were sent to the person for approval, review or internal distribution.

Outgoing Transmittals

History of outgoing transmittals send to contractor/vendor can be viewed here.


Plan of revision steps can be viewed in Plan tab.


Document can have referenced to other documents and document revisions can refer to correspondence.

In upper grid there is list of refered documents. Clicking on Document ID will open document details of the document.

In bottom grid there is a list of refered correspondence.

Engineering Tags

Here is a list of engineering tags associalted with the document. Note: Engineering tags are included to the Search and the person who is logged can find documents by entering engineering tag to Search field.