PIMS User Guides

Transfer documents to Company

This application is used by external parties (contractors) to submit documents/files to Compnay.

In the right pannel you can see the list of transmittals and submittal dates if submittted. Icons on the left will show transmittal status: which transmittals are under preparation, submitted, imported or rejected.

The icons are represented as follows (text can be seen by holding mouse cursor over an icon):

Not submitted yet
Not imported yet
Contains rejected fiels

In the main part there is detailed tranmittal information. In the lower part you see the physical documents (files) belonging to that transmittal.

In the top of the form there is a toolbar with necessary actions to transmit documents to Comapany.

To create a new transmittal, click on the “New Transmittal” button from toolbar and fill in the required information in the main part of the form: contract number and title of the transmittal. The contract number can be selected from the list of contracts registered in the system by pressing the elipsis button.

To upload a new file click on a button “Upload file”. Upload File(s) dialog will appear.

Click "Add files(s)", and select files to upload. After upload has finished the files will appear in the grid.

Now you have to fill in Pims Document ID, Step, Revision and Revision Date fields for every file.

After you have filled this fields the transmittals can be submitted.

After submittal the transmittal can be revised and imported by a document controller.