PIMS User Guides

Contractors Transmittals Import

Contractors can create document import requests by using “Contractors Transmittals” web form. When the request is submitted by Contractor it appears in “Contractors Transmittals Import” form.

Figure 73: “Contractors Transmittals Import” Form

From here DCS administrator can view and accept import requests.

The table below provides a detailed description of the fields in the “Contractors Transmittals Import” form:

Field Description
From Company Describes contractor company
Import ID Auto generated number used to identify an Import
Selected Allows to select documents to be imported
File Name Name of uploaded file
Contractor Document ID Specifies Document ID in contractors System
Document ID Document ID to import the file into
Revision Revision to import the file into
Revision Date Document revision date
Document Type Document Type
Document Group Document Group
Step Revision Step

Administrator should select files to import , choose document revision to import the file to and press “Import Selected to Main Register” to finish import process.

By selecting a document revision from existing ones administrator will import the file to the selected document revision.

Administrator can create a new document to import the file to by filling in the fields manually with document values that do not already exist in the system.