PIMS User Guides

Document Control Web Forms


The purpose of this document is to provide general knowledge required to take advantage of the Pims R3 Document Control module Web forms. This section will include:

Documents Status Overview

In Documents Status Overview form documents sent to you for review and recently updated documents and correspondence are shown.

  You can use search on top of the form to find documents or correspondence. Fill in the search field and click Search Document or Search Correspondence button. After this action a form will be opened with results of the search for document or correspondence.

In the left part of the form there are two grids with documents sent to you for review.
In the Documents Pending My Review grid there are the documents waiting to be reviewed by you. You can click on Document ID to review the document.

After you have reviewed the document it will be relocated in My Recently Reviewed Documents grid, where you can see the list of documents you have already reviewed. By clicking on Document ID the Review Documents form with documents review data will be opened.

From the Overall Document Status chart you can see the number of documents sent for review and the number of documents issued for construction.

In Recently Updated Documents and Correspondence you can keep track of recently updated documents and correspondence. If there are any attachments to the document or correspondence you can view and download the attachments by clicking on the document or correspondence.

Documents for Review

In Documents for Review form you can review documents sent to you for review and see the status of the documents sent for review by you. You can switch between your reviews and your sent reviews by using tabs.

By default only documents waiting for review will be visible when the form is opened. Use Include Reviewed Documents and Include Sent Documents checkboxes to add reviewed and sent revisions to the list. Use Search in Comments Files to allow search in file content.

My Reviews

Your Review Comments

This tab is used to collect text comments and submit the review result.

Reviewers can leave comments on the revision when their action type is either Comments or Review Responsible. The comment is registered in “Your Review Comments” tab.

Actions available to people with “Comments” Action Type:

Actions available to people with “Review Responsible” Action Type:

Other Reviewers’ Comments

All receivers and their comments for the review are listed in “Other Reviewers Comments” tab.

Actions available to people with “Review Responsible” Action Type:

Revision Files

This tab contains document revision files. On review files can be commented, marked up by people with Comments and Review Responsible action types.

There are several ways you can submit your review comments: