PIMS User Guides

Document Search

Document Search form is used to search for document metadata and revision files.

Cross domain search is enabled by “Cross-Domain” checkbox. Search in files content is enabled by ticking checkbox “Content”. Files of a document are available by expanding result groups. If “Content” checkbox is ticked only original files with matched criteria are displayed. If search has been done only in document’s metadata, all original files of revision are shown.

When checking “Correspondence” checkbox two more grids will appear showing search results from Correspondence and Transmittals registers.

By double-clicking on a document line, Document Register form will be opened and filtered to the current document.

By double-clicking on a file line, the file will be downloaded and opened.

By using “Advanced Search (Filter)” you can refine your search filter.

You can print search results list by using “Print Search Grid”.

Figure 56: "Document Search" Form