PIMS User Guides

Internal Distribution

Internal distribution is used to distribute the document inside the company. Only document current revision is distributed (for information purposes).

Figure 43: Internal Distribution Flowchart

1. Setup

Use the “Internal Distribution – Receivers” tab in Documents form to enter receivers for the internal distribution. Default receivers are added by Distribution Matrix (if configured). Receivers can be added manually one by one, or a group of receivers could be added by choosing a Group of Receivers in the dropdown and pressing “Add Receivers” button.

Figure 44: Internal Distribution – Receivers tab

Internal Distributions are sent for Information only and by default are sent by email. The table below provides a detailed description of the fields in the tab “Internal Distribution Receivers” of “Documents” form:

Field Description
Receiver Receiver/Company to receive the document
Format Format of document to be distributed
Action Type Receiver action type (For information only in Internal Distribution
Email Address Receiver’s email address

In order to remove a receiver, simply select and delete the record from Receivers listing. Alternatively, you can remove a receiver from all documents by selecting “Other Tasks /Remove Receiver / Remove Receiver from Distribution Setup…” from common tasks.

Add to Internal Distribution Tray

Add the document to the Internal Distribution Tray by executing the common task “Add Current Document to Tray”. Note that Receivers must have to be specified in the “Internal Distribution” tab and have email addresses before selecting this option.

Figure 45: Internal Distribution Menu

If you wish to send an Internal Distribution directly without going through the tray, select the “Distribute Internally” menu option.

2. Internal Distribution Tray

To review the “Internal Distribution Tray” click the “Open Internal Distribution Tray…” button.

Figure 46: “Internal Distribution Tray” Form

This tray contains documents that are to be sent on internal distribution. Select documents to be included in the internal distribution and use “Send Internal Distribution...” button.

One email message will be generated for all receivers. After it is sent it is automatically uploaded to Emails tab.

If you are sending many documents at once, the system will optimize the number of emails received by each group of receivers by grouping several documents together.

The table below provides a detailed description of the fields in the form “Revision Incoming Distribution Tray”:

Field Description
Include Indicates if the document should be included in this internal distribution, or leave it unselected if you want to postpone processing this record for later
Document ID Abbreviation used to identify the document
Current Revision Current Revision of Document. Note that only the current revision can be sent on internal distribution.
Created Internal distribution tray record creation date
Created By Creator of the internal distribution tray record

3. Distribution Log

Distribution log contains status of revisions sent for Internal Distribution. It can be found under Internal Distribution tab of Documents Register.

Figure 47: “Distribution Log” tab

The log record is grouped by Incoming Distribution ID, Issued Date, Revision and Revision Date.

The table below provides a detailed description of the fields in the tab “Distribution History”:

Field Description
Receiver Internal Distribution receiver
Action Type Internal Distribution action type
Viewed Indicates if the recipient has viewed the distribution
Format Distribution Format
Email Address Receivers email address

In the header of each distribution group you can see following information: Distribution ID, Issued DateRevision, Revision Date