PIMS User Guides

Outgoing Transmittal Process

Figure 57: Outgoing Transmittal Flowchart

1. Setup

Use the “Outgoing Transmittal – Receivers” tab to enter receivers (Companies) for the Outgoing Transmittal. The transmittal type can be “For Information” and “Review Return”.

Figure 57: Usage of Outgoing Transmittal

The table below provides a detailed description of the fields in the tab “Outgoing Transmittal Setup” of Documents form:

Field Description
Receiver Receiver/Company to receive the document
Format Format of document to be distributed
Action Type The purpose of this transmittal

In order to remove receiver companies simply select and hit the delete key to delete the record from the receivers list. Also you can remove a receiver companies from all documents by selecting “Other Tasks / Remove Receivers / Remove Receiver from Transmittal Setup…”from taskbar.

Add the document to the External Transmittal Tray by selecting ”Add Current Document to Tray” under the “Outgoing Transmittal” menu.

Figure 58: Outgoing Transmittal Menu

From the dialog you can choose not only Current document revision, but any revision by clicking No and choosing a revision from the list.

2. Outgoing Transmittal Tray

Figure 59: “Outgoing Transmittal Tray” form

Differently from Internal Distribution and Review trays this tray is public and shared among the team members with permissions to use trays.

This tray contains documents that are to be sent on an outgoing transmittal. Select documents to be included in the transmittal. Create an external transmittal by clicking the “Create Outgoing Transmittal…” button.

The table below provides a detailed description of the fields in the form “Outgoing Transmittal Tray”:

Field Description
Include Allows to select which document revisions to be sent on an outgoing transmittal
Document ID Document/Drawing ID
Revision Revision of the document
Revision Date Revision creation date
Title Title of the document
Updated By APerson who added this record to tray or selected for sending
Updated The date when this record was added to tray or selected for sending

Note that since the tray is common, it should be you who selects the revisions you want to create transmittals for. You can check this by looking at the Updated By and Updated fields of the tray.

3. Outgoing Transmittals Register

This register contains all Outgoing Transmittals, both issued and not issued.

Create Outgoing Transmittal in Register form

Generally, transmittals will be generated by first adding documents to the transmittal tray and then to the transmittals register. In these cases the Outg. Transm. No will be generated automatically. However, it is possible to create a transmittal number manually for administrative role members.

Document revisions and files to be sent in Outgoing Transmittals are registered under Documents tab.

Figure 60: “Outgoing Transmittal Register” Form

Find the transmittal to send. Enter description, issue date and a comment if required. Execute the common task “Print Transmittal” in order to preview the transmittal report.

Send Transmittal

Once the registering of Outgoing Transmittal is finished use the “Send Transmittal...” button from common tasks to send an email with attached front page. You will get an option to attach documents files. If you do not send files with the email, they can later be accessed by the contractor through the corresponding web page.

When the email is sent a copy of the email is uploaded to the grid under Emails tab.

When receipt of the transmittal/documents confirmed by the receiver, enter the date for receipt in the Acknowledged Date field.

Acknowledgement email can be uploaded under the tab Acknowledgement.

4. Outgoing Transmittal Log

You can track outgoing transmittals receiver companies under “Outgoing Transmittal Log” tab in “Documents” form.

Figure 61: “Outgoing Transm. Log” tab

The table below provides a detailed description of the fields in the tab “Outgoing Transmittal Log”:

Field Description
Transmittal No Abbreviation used to identify Outgoing Transmittal
Revision Received Document Revision
Rev. Date Documents Revision date
Issued Date Outgoing Transmittal Issued Date
From Company Name Company the Outgoing Transmittal sent from
To Company Name Company the Outgoing Transmittal sent to
Action Type Action Type of the Outgoing Transmittal