PIMS User Guides

Review Process

Figure 22: Review Flowchart

1. Setup

Before a document revision is sent on review, you must specify who should review it and what role they will perform in the review process. This setup is done in the “Review - Receivers” tab of the “Documents”. Default receivers are added by Distribution Matrix configuration. The receivers can be added manually one by one, or a group of receivers could be added by choosing a Group of Receivers in the dropdown and pressing “Add Receivers” button.

Note that in order to send the document for review it is necessary to have one receiver with action type Review Responsible, and only receivers with action type Review Responsible or Comments can actually provide comments to the documents sent for review. Receivers must have emails set.

Also note that the process of sending on review only applies to the current revision of the document.

Figure 48: “Review - Receivers” Tab

The table below provides a detailed description of the fields in the tab “Review - Receivers”:

Field Description
Sequential Order Order of the reviewers in Sequential Review process
Receiver Full name of the receiver
Format Review format to receive
Action Type Receivers review action type
Email Address Receiver’s email address

In order to remove a receiver, simply select and delete the record from Receivers listing. Alternatively, you can remove a receiver from all documents by selecting “Other Tasks / Remove Receiver /Remove Receiver from Review Setup…”from toolbar.

2. Add to Review Tray

Once you have configured who should receive a document, you can add it to the review tray by selecting Review -> Add Current Document to Tray.

Figure 49: Review Menu

Create Review dialog

When the “Create Review” dialog appears the Review Deadline default date will be calculated based on the number of days which is set in your project’s “General Setup” form under the “Constants” tab.

Figure 50: "Create Review" dialog

By clicking “OK” button the document will be added to review tray and the selected Review Deadline will be set for the review.

The “Cancel” button will cancel the action of adding the document review receivers to the tray.

Before the review is sent you are able to add more receivers to review and change Review Deadline and Review Type in tray dialog.

Only one opened review is allowed per document.

One deadline is set per review.

Review deadline and review responsible during review can be changed by administrator using “Change Review Responsible…” and “Change Review Deadline…” from Review menu in taskbar. An email about this change will be sent to every receiver.

Current revisions review can be cancelled by administrator by using “Review / Cancel Pending Reviews” from taskbar.

Review Type

There is a possibility to choose review sending method: either parallel or sequential.

Parallel Review

When parallel review is sent the review receivers get the email at once and can perform review concurrently.

Sequential Review

Sequential review will send emails inviting to review each receiver one by one

On initial sending the email will go to:

Next review person will receive invitation only when previous reviewer will complete his review

When last review person completes his review, the email goes to “CR” person.

3. Verify Tray

The review tray is opened by the common task “Open Review Tray…”.

Figure 51: "Review Tray" Form

Verify the content of tray and then press the “Send for Review…” button. This will generate one email for all receivers of each document.

If you are sending many documents at once, the system will optimize the number of emails received by each group of receivers by grouping several documents together.You can cancel sending document for review by closing the email window

4. Send Current revision for review

You can send revision review from Document Register immediately by selecting “Send Current Revision for Review…”. The sent email will be saved under Emails tab.

5. “Review Documents” Form

When the document is sent for review the receiver can see received revisions in “Document for Review” form. By default the form opens with only open reviews.

Figure 52: Document for Review Form

The table below provides a detailed description of the fields in Reviews grids:

Field Description
Review ID Abbreviation used to identify review
Document ID Abbreviation used to identify document in review
Title Title of the document to review
Step Revision step of the document in review
Revision Revision of the document to review
Revision Date Document revision date
Is Sequential Indicates if the review is sequential
Action Type Users review action type
Issued Date Review sending date
Deadline Reviews deadline date
Reviewed Indicates if document revision is reviewed
Finalized Indicates if review is finalized
Cancelled Indicates if review is cancelled
Returned to Originator Indicates if document revision is returned to originator

Use the “Include Closed Reviews” and “Include Returned Revisions” buttons in common tasks to view closed and sent revisions.

My Reviews

Files to Review

This tab contains document revision files. On review files can be commented, marked up by people with Comments and Review Responsible action types.

There are several ways you can submit your review comments:

My Review Comments

This tab is used to collect text comments and submit the review result.

Reviewers can leave comments on the revision when their action type is either Comments or Review Responsible. The comment is registered in “Your Review Comments” tab.

Actions available to people with “Comments” Action Type:

Actions available to people with “Review Responsible” Action Type:

Other Reviewers Comments

All receivers and their comments for the review are listed in “Other Reviewers Comments” tab.

Actions available to people with “Review Responsible” Action Type:

Reviews Initiated by Me

You can keep track of reviews sent by you in Reviews Initialized by Me tab

Figure 53: Reviews Initiated by Me

The table below provides a detailed description of the fields in the “Documents for Review” – “My Sent Reviews” tab.

Reviewers’ Comments

The receivers and their comments for the review are listed in “Reviewers’ Comments” tab. The table below provides a detailed description of the fields in the “Reviewers Comments’” tab.

Field Description
Last Name First Name Full name of reviewer
Action Type Reviewers action type
Comments Button to preview full comment
Reviewed Indicates if the person reviewed the document
Updated Date when the person reviewed the document
Files with Review Comments

Once the comment is registered the files with review comments are generated for the revision.

Figure 53: "Files with Review Comments" tab

The table below provides a detailed description of the fields in the “Files with Review Comments” tab.

Field Description
File Name Name of the file
File Size Size of the file
Type Action Type of the reviewer
Updated Latest file update date
Updated By Latest person updated the file

6. Review Log

The review is considered “closed” in one of 3 cases: it is finalized, cancelled or the deadline is expired. If reviews automatically close on deadline expiration is controlled by setup. “Review History” tab in “Documents” form under “Review” tab holds the information about reviews, review comments, files and review status.

Figure 54: Review Log

In the header of each review group you can see following information: Review ID, Parallel/Sequential, Issued Date, Review Deadline, Revision, Revision date.

The table below provides a detailed description of the fields in the tab “Review Log”:

Field Description
Receiver Receiver of the revision sent for review
Comments Receivers comments
Finalized Indicates if the review is finalized
Returned Date document revision was returned to originator
Reviewed Indicates if the revision is reviewed
No Comment Indicates if the reviewer set No Comments
Cancelled Indicates if the review is cancelled
Action Type Receivers action type
Format Review Format
Email Address Receiver's email address

7. Review Status

Review Status form is used to see review status for documents. By default the list contains all visible to user documents with latest revisions in upper grid and review information in the lower grid. Use “Include Previous Revisions” button to load all accessible document revisions.

You can cancel documents review by clicking “Cancel Pending Review” from taskbar.

Figure 55: "Review Status" Form