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Revision Validation Process for Internal Documents

This process is required for internal documents revisions to finalize (revision date set) and get approved by one or several team members. Note Validation is only available in “Produce Documents” mode.

Finalize Revision Without Validation

It is possible to finalize a revision without validation if you just want to send the revision on review before producing a final version. It is done by pressing “Finalize Selected Revision without Validation” button in the Revisions tab of an internal document.

Initiate Validation

To initiate validation the Validation Receivers should be registered under “Internal Validation / Validation Receivers” tab of the “Document Register” form.

Figure 36: “Internal Validation Receivers” tab

The required fields to fill in are Receiver Person and Action Type. Note if the Document is Confidential only persons in access list can be included in receivers list. The same person cannot be under Prepare and Check action types.

The Validation list can be auto-populated by Distribution Matrix.

The table below provides a detailed description of the fields in the tab “Validation Receivers”:

Field Description
Sequential Order Sets the sequence of the persons to validate revision (used in Sequential Validation)
Receiver Person Validation receiver
Action Type Action type of the validation receiver
Email Address SValidation receivers email address
Deadline Delay Days Number of days to add to issued date for calculating Validation Deadline for this receiver

When Validation Receivers are registered go to “Revisions” tab and choose the revision to validate, push “Initiate Validation of Selected Revision” and choose Validation Type in the dialog.

Figure 37: “Create Internal Validation” dialog

General validation process sequence:

  1. Document revision is approved by person(s) with action type Author
  2. Prepared document revision is approved by person(s) with action type Checker
  3. Checked document revision is approved by person(s) with action type Validator

Parallel Validation

Parallel validation is only possible among persons of the same Action Type; e.g. all person with Validator action type can validate the revision any time after the revision was checked.

In between Action Types validation is always sequential.

Rejecting by one of validators resets the validation process for all participants, including the Author(s).

Sequential validation

Author, Checker and Validator persons are involved (by sending emails) in the order defined in setup.

Rejecting by later validator resets the validation process for all participants, including the Author(s).

Documents for Validation Form

Documents for Validation form contains the document revisions you have to validate under “My Validations” tab and document revisions sent to validate by you under “My Sent Validations”.

My Validations

Figure 38: “My Validations” tab

Under “Your Validation Comments” tab you can write a comment and process the validation by clicking Accept or Reject button.

After you have validated a revision Action and Action Date fields will be updated and the revision will be hidden. By using “Include Validated Revisions” common task you will be able to see already validated revisions.

Under “Other Validators’ Comments” tab you can see actions taken by other receivers and actions as well.

You can checkout revision files for commenting, use Rasterex for document markups under “Revision Files Grid”. When checking-out file for commenting, a copy of this original file will be made in tab “Files with Validation Comments” tab renamed to include your credentials and checked-out for you. The original file stays untouched.

My Sent Validations

The information about validations sent by you such as the revision validated, receivers comments, taken actions and commented validation files can be accessed under “My Sent Validations” tab.

Validation Log

Under “Validation Log” tab of Documents form you can find current and previous validations (if several loops) information.

Figure 39: “My Validations” tab

Receivers information (Receiver Name, Comment, Action type, Accepted, Validation Deadline, Email) is listed in the Log under validation group. In the header of each validation group user can see following information: validation ID, validation type, Issued Date, Revision and Revisions Date.

Under "Files with Validation Comments" and "Validation Emails" user can preview files with validation comments and emails for chosen document revision in Validation Log.