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Terms and Abbreviations


Internal Document
A document is considered internal if Originator field is equal to the Master Company field in setup.
External Document
A document is considered external if Originator field is NOT equal to the Master Company field in setup.
Review Responsible
Review Responsible is a person responsible for collecting the comments from other Reviewers and creating the final Review Comments’ document. The name of this type can be changed in the setup.
Completion Step
The lifecycle steps of a document, for example “Issued for Approval”, “Approved”, ”As-Built”
Any form of written communication sent or received
Current Revision
Current Revision is a Revision of the Document that is actual at a given moment of time. The last Revision with a date is considered as Current Revision.
Internal Distribution
Process of sending the Document (current revision) internally for information purposes.
Original author of the Document (company)
Outgoing Transmittal
Process of sending the Document (current revision) out to the contractors.
Receiver is a person or a company getting a Revision of a document for review, validation or information purposes
Review is a process of reviewing a Revision (version) of a Document, making comments and submitting the Review results back to the Document Management system.
Review Comments
Comments of a Document Revision (text or files)
Reviewer is a person getting the Revision of the Document for Review
Revision is a version of the Document
Tray is a temporary virtual storage of the Documents to be distributed
Numbering Scheme
The definition of how a document should be numbered. Pims supports numerous numbering schemes determined by its document type, so that you could have a different numbering structure for e.g. Contracts vs. Engineering Deliverables.


Client Doc ID
Client Document ID
Corr ID
Correspondence ID
Corr Type
Correspondence Type
Curr Rev
Current Revision
Inc. Tr. Date
Incoming Transmittal Date
Inc. Tr. No.
Incoming Transmittal Number
Outg. Tr. Date
Outgoing Transmittal Date
Outgoing Transmittal Number
Project Information Management System