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Pims Nonconformance module is tool for raising, reviewing and responding to nonconformance. The module includes a workflow engine that can be configured or customized to fit different workflows relevant for nonconformance handling.

Pims nonconformance is by default integrated with the Pims Completion Management and Document Control System. If other systems are used for completion management and document control, the application can be customized to integrate with these systems.

The user guide covers the following subjects:


Above is an example of a workflow that Pims Nonconformance supports. The setup and configuration section at the bottom of this user guide explains how to configure the workflow.

Forms/Input screens

The module contains four screens:

Contractor's Functionality

The contractor has the following features available:

Raising and submitting a nonconformance

If the NC is identified by the contractor, the contractor clicks on the "Create New NCR" button, and fills in the information available at the time. The system will automatically generate a new Nonconformance number, based on the defined numbering structure.

If Company has requested contractor to issue a NCR, the nonconformance number will already be assigned, and the status will be "Requested by Contractor".

The contractor will then assess the NCR, and propose compensating measures and/or preventive/corrective actions. The tags/equipment impacted by the nonconformance is selected in the "Tags" tab page. References requirements documents are registered in the "Documents" tab page.

When the nonconformance has been assessed and all relevant information registered, the contractor clicks on the "Submit" button. The NCR will then become available for Company for further processing.

After the Company has reviewed and accepted the NCR, and the agreed actions and measures are completed, the contractor clicks the "Confirm Completion" button.


To print out the NCR form, click on the "Print Preview" button in the toolbar.

To get an overview of all NCR's that are pending contractor, or company, select from the standard filters ("Pending us" or "Pending Company").

Company's Functionality

If the nonconformance is identified by company, the company can request the contractor to create a nonconformance report. This is done by clicking the button “Request NCR”. The contractor will then be informed, and a NCR with status “Requested by Contractor” will appear in the contractor’s register.

After the contractor has submitted the NCR, the NCR becomes available in the NCRs (Company) form. The form will list the latest issued NCR first.


The user with the appropriate access can then initiate the internal approval process of the NCR. Several of the workflow actions may already be defined and assigned, based on setup values. E.g. the contractor rep and company rep will be retrieved from the contracts register.

the In addition it is possible to use predefined templates or it can be manually defined.

To use a predefined template, click on the "Workflow" button in the toolbar, and select add from template. To see how to define distribution templates, read the Setup section at the bottom of this user guide.


To get an overview of all NCR's that are pending company, or any of the contractors, select from the standard filters ("Pending us" or "Pending contractor").

Initiate Review

After the workflow is defined, the NCR is ready to be distributed in the organisation. Click on the toolbar button "Initiate Review" to start the process. The reviewers are then informed (e.g. by e-mail) that they are to review the NCR (for how to configure notification, see the Setup and Configuration section at the bottom of this user guide).

The users that are reviewing the NCR are linked to the "Review Screen":


NCRs pending the user's review will appear. When the review is completed, the end user clicks on the "Save as Reviewed" button in the toolbar. The reviewer can also attach files, by dragging the file(s) on to the files grid, or by right-clicking in the grid bottom, and click on "Upload new file(s)"

Company Rep (or others with the needed permissions) can view the comments made by the reviewers, by opening the "Review Comments" tab page in the main NCRs screen:

Approving or Rejecting the NCR

When the NCR has been reviewed, the NCR can be approved or rejected. Contractor will then be informed. If the NCR is rejected, company needs to input a explanation why it was rejected. "Approve" and "Reject" buttons are available in the toolbar.

Acknowledging the completion of the NCR

After the NCR has been marked as completed by contractor, company's next action is to acknowledge the completion. This is done by clicking the "Acknowledge" butotn in the toolbar.

Setup and configuration

The main workflow is available in the general "Workflow configuration" screen. It allows for some configuration, such as defining the roles/persons that have actions, if e-mail notification should be sent. Certain step may be removed or added, but this may require additional customization of the procedures, and requires involvement from the system administrator.


The "Setup" screen is used for defining and maintaining distribution templates, access control (for contractors), disposition codes and numbering format


A distribution template is defined to make it efficient to define the workflow for the NCRs. E.g. it can be used to define that for E & I, a certain group of users should review the NCR.


The access control section is used for defining the contractor's access to NCRs, who should be allowed to view, submit and confim completion. The access is defined pr contract. Setup-DispCodes.PNG

The disposition codes are the allowed codes that the end users can select from when creating the NCR. Setup-Other.PNG