PIMS User Guides

Managing the Positions Register

To manage the positions in your project, navigate to Personnel -> Positions. In the Positions form all positions that are not finished will be listed by default.

Figure 5: Positions Form

Key information to be registered includes:

Field Name Description
Position ID The unique number identifying the Position
Title Title of the Position
OBS Organization Breakdown Structure.
From/To Date From and To Date for the Position
Calendar The Calendar that defines the work week and holidays. The calculation of man hours and cost will be based on the definition of the selected calendar
Location The base location for this position
Position Type The position type
Person The person assigned to this position. If left blank it will indicate that this position has not been filled yet.
Work Package Work Pack. The pick list will show all Work Packages defined in Project Control Basis module, and made available for Personnel module (see previous section in this document)
Manager The Manager of this position
Manhours Rate Is used as basis for calculation of position cost
Position Percent If a value is entered, the position man hours will be calculated using this field as one parameter.
If Position man hour is entered, the position percentage will be calculated.
Position Manhours Based on from and to date for the position, and the calendar definition, the total hours for the position is calculated. The position Mhrs can also be entered manually. If so, the Position Percentage will be calculated
Position Cost Defined as Position Manhours x Manhours Rate

Splitting Positions

Splitting a position means that there will be created a new position record, with the same Position ID. The user will be asked to enter the date of the split. This date will become the end date for the current position, and the start date for the new position. The general information of the current position will be copied into the new position. This functionality is typically used when a position is taken over by another person. To Split a position press the Split Position button in the toolbar.

Archive Positions

To archive the current positions with related information, press the Archive Positions button in the toolbar. This will make a copy of all positions with related information. The data can then later be retrieved.

Include Finished Positions

By default, only unfinished positions will be shown. Press the Include Finished Positions button to see all.

Show OBS Hierarchy

By pressing the Show OBS Hierarchy button in the toolbar, a diagram showing the Organization Breakdown Structure will appear:

Figure 6: OBS Diagram

You can choose what OBS Level you want to see the diagram for, just select from the drop down at the top and press “Refresh Chart”..

If you want to include the OBS chart in a PowerPoint presentation, or any other Office document, right-click in the diagram and choose “Copy”. Then go to your Office document and paste the diagram.