PIMS User Guides

Initial Configuration

Before you can start using the Pims Personnel module it must be configured to meet your business philosophy or best practice. Open the Setup Form located in the Personnel navigation menu to configure or review Personnel key settings. This section is not intended for regular users of the Personnel module, usually an administrator or super user will complete the configuration.


Figure 1: OBS Tab in the Personnel Setup Form

OBS is short for “Organization Breakdown Structure”. In this screen you can administrate the available OBS codes that a position can be related to.


Register of available work locations.

Positions Categories

Register of categories that a position can be coded against.

Position Type

List of available position types:

Figure 2: Position Types Tab in the Personnel Setup Form

Work Packages

In this screen one can choose what Work Packages should be enabled for use in the Personnel module. All Work Packages defined in the Project Control Basis module will be listed. To make the work package enabled for Personnel module, check the Use in Personnel check-box.

Figure 3: Work Packages Tab in the Personnel Setup Form

Persons Categories

Register of Person Categories to be used in the project. This could be used to split between expatriate and national employees for example.

Figure 4: Persons Categories Tab in the Personnel Setup Form

Org Units

Register of available organization units to be used by the project.


Please see the User Guide for Project Setup.