PIMS User Guides


Cost and Manhours Status

Figure 9: Cost and Manhours Status overview

This screen will give you some of the key cost and man hours data, with grids and pivots that you can organize according to your needs.


Shows the following columns:

Field Name Description
Work Package The unique number identifying the Position
ID Work Pack ID
Title Title of Work Package
Estimate at Complete
Mhrs The total estimated man hours
Cost The total estimated cost
Cumulative to Cut Off
Est Mhrs Cumulative estimated manhours up to cut off
Act Mhrs Cumulative actual mhrs up to cut off
Est Cost Cumulative estimated cost up to cut off
Act Cost Cumulative actual cost up to cut off

Mhrs Curve

Figure 10: Manhours Curve for Selected Work Pack(s)

Shows Actual and Estimated Man hours pr cut off, grouped by Work Package.

Cost Curve

Same as above, except that it is showing cost instead of man hours.

Manpower Histogram

Figure 11: Manpower Histogram for Selected Work Pack(s)

Shows manpower histograms according to your selection:

Group By
Choose what the histograms should be grouped by, e.g. OBS, Location, Category, Manager.
The period you want to see the histogram for.
Show allocated vs not allocated
Mark this and the form will show the sum of allocated versus the not allocated positions.

By marking data in the pivot grid, the chart will automatically be updated to show the selected data. If you select several work packages, these will be stacked, as shown above.