PIMS User Guides

Updating the Personnel Cost and Manhours Forecast

Figure 7: Step-by-Step for Personnel Forecasting

The Cost and Manhours forecasting is done in the “Estimates” screen:

Figure 8: Cost and Manhours in the Estimate Form

Prepare Work Packages for Cost and Manhours Reporting

This is only required after enabling new work package(s) in the Personnel module (see section for Initial Configuration). By clicking the Add Cut Off Dates for all Work Packs button, a set of cut off dates will be generated for all work packages. These work packages are then ready for reporting of actual cost and man hours, and forecasting.

Update Actual Cost

Click the Add Actual Cost for Current Cut Off button and select if you want to update Actual Cost for only the selected work package, or for all work packages. The Actual Cost, as reported in Monthly Actuals (see User Guide for Project Control Baseline for documentation) will be used to set the Actual cost for the current cut off.

Calculate Forecast

The Calculate Forecast will update all periods after current cut off. It will use the Actual Cost for the current cut off as a starting point, and then calculate cost for the future periods based on the data in the positions register (start date, end date, position man hours, position percentage, rate and calendar).