PIMS User Guides

Managing Users from the Web

Manage Users

Figure 1

The first step is to go to the menu option Pims Setup -> System -> Manage Users (CS), after logging into Pims. Once you click on Manage Users the screen shown above in figure 1 will appear in a new tab named “Manage Users (CS)”.
Once into the application you can Edit User info and also delete users all together as shown in figure 2. The link on the right hand side of the grid will allow you to Edit the user info or delete the user from the Pims system. You may also search for a user by using the search text box located on the top left corner of the “Manage Users (CS)” tab.

Figure 2

Adding Users

To add a new user simply click on the “Add New User” on the top left side of the grid and the same window that is used for edit will pop up, but with all the fields blank as show in figure 4.

Figure 4
Once you have filled out all of the user information, click on save to add the new user into the System as shown in Figure 5.

Figure 5

After clicking on the save button you will see the user has been added to the grid with that user highlighted as shown in figure 6. As you can see the user that is highlighted in the grid affects the detailed information in the tabs at the bottom of the page. The first tab shown in figure 6, shows all the details about that user that was just filled out in the add user form shown in figure 5.

Figure 6

Editing Users

When clicking on the Edit button, an edit pop up form will appear with all of the user’s info pre-populated and can be edited through this form. Some of the fields are free form and some have filter options and drop down options to populate the fields such as User Mode, Domain, Culture, etc. The Domain in this form represents the project that user is currently in. When you are done with editing just click on the “Save” button to save your changes or click on “Cancel” to cancel any changes.

Deleting Users

When clicking on the delete link in the grid, a confirmation will pop up as shown in figure 3 to confirm if you would like to delete this user/row.

Figure 3

Checking Error Logs

The Error Log tab will track and show all of the errors that the user has encountered using Pims, since this is a new user the Error Log grid is empty with no records to display, as shown in figure 7.

Managing User’s Task Filters

The Tasks Filter Tab shows all of the filters that this user has created and is using for their tasks within the Pims system, shown in figure 8. New filters can be edited, added, and deleted here. To add a new filter simply click on the “Add new record” button located on the top of the Task Filters grid. Adding a Task Filter is not needed to create a new user.

Managing Group Memberships

The Memberships tab displays the groups the User is associated, which determines which projects the user has permissions to, as well as what the user will be able to see and do in that project.

There are three options in this tab to help filter and manage the user’s memberships. The first step here would be to enter a filter for the Domain (Project) as shown in figure 10 and 11. The next filter “Filter for Group” will filter on the groups for that Domain (Project), this could be left blank when adding memberships for a new user for a project. Finally uncheck the “Show Memberships Only” check box to show all of the memberships available (for the Filtered Domain and Group, if a filter was used for Group) A list of all available memberships will be populated as shown in figure 11.
Figure 10
Figure 11 Now select all of the options the user should have Permissions to, for example if the user has permissions to be a Super User for Document Management in the Noble Project, you would select the “Noble – Document Management – SU (*MG)” Check box. If the same user needs access Document Management in a different project, simply filter for that that project and select the Document Management membership the same as mentioned above. Once done adding memberships, remove all the filters and re-check the “Show Membership Only” checkbox to verify that the user is a member of all the correct Memberships as shown in figure 12.
Figure 12 If the user needs to be part of Document Management for all projects or for multiple project, using the Group filter would make adding in the memberships easier as shown in Figure 13.
Figure 13 The same steps apply when adding or removing memberships to existing users as they do for a new user.