PIMS User Guides

Menu Administration

The user navigates through forms/reports by using Open Form / Report Dialog and Shortcuts menu.

The user doesn’t see the objects in Open Form / Report Dialog unless he/she has permissions to the objects. This is done in Manage Navigation Items form, which can be found by clicking Navigation under Development menu.

The navigation is done by using Modules, Groups and Objects. The module is the top level of the menu folder structure. Each module can have one or more groups and each group can have one or more items. An item can be a form(win/web), report , file or URL.

Creating Modules and Groups

To create a new Module, right-click the mouse in the module tree and select New Module.

Type in the module name in the dialog and click OK.

To add a new group, select an existing module, right-click and select New Group and type in the group name.

Other available commands on the context menu in the left pane are:

Renames selected module or group.
Deletes selected module or group and menu objects.
Move Up
Moves the module or the group up.
Move Down
Moved the module or group down.
Expand All
Expands all modules.
Refreshes the menu tree, objects and groups.
Set icon
Opens an icon dialog to choose the icon of the module or the group.

Adding Objects to Groups and Granting Permissions

To add an object to the Group, select the Group the object will be added to and lookup the object in the top grid in Project Id field.

Now the permissions to the object should be granted. Select the needed object. You can use Search and specify object types that will be searched in the top of the form.

The permissions could be granted in two ways:

Also there is a possibility to deny the permissions to the object to all Groups in a Domain by registering a domain in Revoked Domains tab.

Now the groups with granted permissions will see the objects in the Open Form / Report Dialog.


To add the object to the Shortcuts menu for members of a group, go to Populate as Favorite to tab and add the Group in Group ID field.