PIMS User Guides

Assigning Team Members

Team members are assigned to a Role by clicking on any cell in the Team Member column and selecting a team member from a dropdown list.

Figure 10: Select Team Member from dropdown list

Process Status Panel

The process status panel provides information about the status of the process flow definition.

Figure 11: A "Disabled" Process Status Panel

When a process flow definition status is “Disabled” no action can be taken on any existing requests of this process flow, and no new requests may be added. The process flow can be taken “offline” manually by clicking the “Disable” button in the toolbar. A process flow will also be disabled by the system if the process flow’s defined logic is not valid.

Potential reasons for a process being disabled are:

Reason Explanation
No steps defined RACI Matrix tab, steps are missing
No roles defined RACI Matrix tab, roles are missing
Step(s) missing approver RACI Matrix tab, Approver is not set up for a step
No initiators defined Initiators tab, empty list of initiators.
Approver not assigned RACI Matrix tab, missing person for Approver cell
Responsible not assigned RACI Matrix tab, missing person for Responsible cell
Consultant not assigned RACI Matrix tab, missing person for Consultant cell

If all conditions are satisified the Logic Valid field is set to Yes, the process becomes enabled and can be used in processing requests.

Process Flow Report

If you would like print the Process Flow, click the “Open Report” option in the forms’ toolbar.

Figure 12: Select the Open Report button

Figure 13: Report Opened in a new tab