PIMS User Guides

Submitting New Requests

You can submit a new request in two ways:

Both forms are identical in functionality and designed to look the same.

Submitting New Request

To submit a new request, open the form Process Flow->Requests -> Request Management in the Windows Client.

Figure 14: Request Management Form

Click the New button on the toolbar to start a new request. The following form will display:

Figure 15: Enter information in the New Request form

The following information can be entered here:

Field Description
ID Auto generated based on Project, Abbreviation and sequential number
Process Type Dropdown to select a process flow.
Category Dropdown for category
Priority Priority (positive integer)
Title Request Title
Description Free text input for description
Track Hours Enables tracking hours against the request. An extra tab Time Reporting will be shown in the form

The request will be created and submitted after clicking the OK button.

Detail Tabs

This provides a read-only log of responses for the selected request.

Figure 16: Status tab

This provides an area for adding comments to the request. To add comments, click on the “Add Comment” button in the toolbar.

Figure 17: Comments tab

This provides an area for attaching any number of files to the selected request.

Figure 18: Files tab

Time Reporting
This provides an area for registering time spent on the request.

Figure 19: Time Reporting tab

The total sum of hours spent is shown next to Budget Hours in the form

Figure 20: Total Budget Hours

Web Form

The web form is identical in functionality to CR3 form and can be found on Pims portal under Pims Modules->Process Flow->Search Requests. Enter some text in the search field and click Search:

Figure 21: Enter text to search in the Search Request form

Once a request is found you can click on Request ID or Title and another tab will be opened with request details.

Figure 22: Request Management detail form