PIMS User Guides

Viewing Status Reports

The purpose of status report is providing user with a convenient way to drill down to any pending request. Go to Pims portal and choose menu option Pims Modules->Process Flow->Pending Requests Drill Down. A new tab will be opened:

Figure 26: Pending Requests Drill Down tab

You can group pending requests in four different ways on this page:

By clicking on the hyperlinked Request ID field, the full request details will be opened in a new tab.

E-Mail Notifications

Users will be notified of requests pending their action on the Pims Portal page. In addition, a Pims Administrator can add users to E-Mail Notifications.

Steps involved in creating a new subscription:

Figure 27: Add Email Subscriptions data

The system will start sending notification emails based on your subscribed interval.

Figure 28: Requests Pending Me


For more information on the Web based functionality, please refer to the following Web Quick Reference Guides: