PIMS User Guides

Alternative Structures


The Alternative Structures Screen allows you to add additional reporting breakdown structures beyond the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). For example, it is possible to add a Cost Breakdown Structure (CBS), which organizes the project by type of work and purchases, rather than by specific planned activities. E.g. Mechanical Work, Electrical Work, Piping, Steel, Concrete etc. This type of structure is often used by accounting departments to classify costs across all projects in the organization.

Another type of structure which may be useful is an Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS), which summarizes costs by Departments and Managers within departments. As many structures as are required may be added.

Alternative Structures screen

The ‘Alternative Structures screen’ is available under the ‘Project Control Basis’ section in the Navigator Bar. An example screen is shown below:

Figure 10: Alternative Structures Form

To add a new level into the structure, press the Add New button at the bottom of the screen. Now enter a Structure ID (e.g. ‘CBS’) and description into the boxes provided at the top of the screen. To save the structure details, press the Save button at the bottom of the screen.

Before entering any level information into the structure, you must first select the appropriate configuration options. The configuration options for Alternative Structures are identical to those used by the WBS.

Structure levels can be entered into the Structure Codes area in the center of the screen. Work Packs can be assigned to these levels by selecting them in the ‘Available Work Packages’ section and using the ‘Add Work Pack’ arrow button. The list of available WPs can be narrowed down using the WBS filter.