PIMS User Guides

Baseline Management


In the previous section, we saw how the estimated cost of the project is entered into Pims using Work Pack Estimate lines. At the start of the project, these estimates lines will represent the initial budget that was approved for expenditure on the project. It is important to save this information so that it can be used as a point of reference later in the project. This first baseline which is saved in the system is typically called the Master Control Estimate (MCE). This is saved using the ‘Baselines’ screen. Subsequent revisions of this baseline can also be saved here. The latest revision is typically called the Current Control Estimate (CCE). The following sections show how to save the MCE, and perform CCE updates.

Saving the Master Control Estimate (MCE)

The ‘Baselines’ screen is available under the ‘Project Control Basis’ section in the Navigator Bar. The screen has three main sections, as seen below:

Figure 11: Baselines Form

To save the Master Control Estimate (MCE), press the New Record button, and enter the following Baseline Details:

Option Value
Baseline No MCE
Previous Baseline Leave empty
Estimate As Defines if the estimate is estimated as base cost or in current cost. Current cost, also called inflated cost, will include increase of prices of goods and services.
Type MCE
Baseline Start Set to Project Start Date.

Once you have entered these details, press the Save button at the bottom of the screen to save the Baseline.

Performing Baseline Updates

Figure 12: Baseline step-by-step overview

The form: Baseline Administration will guide you through the process of performing a baseline update.

Figure 13: Baseline Administrator Form with a step-by-step workflow

What sections are enabled will depend on what step you are at. For example, if you have archived the Current Baseline, but not completed step 2 (“New Baseline”), only Step 2 will be available.

1. Archive Current Baseline

When archiving the current baseline, the data will be copied to a separate data set (“Archive”). Before establishing a new baseline, it’s necessary to archive the current baseline. If not, you will have to contact your Pims Support to reconstruct the data based on available backups.

2. New Baseline

Select baseline number from the pre-defined list of baselines. If the baseline does not exist, open the Baselines form from the Open Dialog, or by clicking on “Open Baselines Form” in this screen. Current Baseline Start, Previous Baseline No, Estimate As and Type will automatically be populated.

3. Activate New Control Estimate

During this stage, the WBS, Work Packages and estimates will be updated. You can use the Open Dialog or your shortcut menu to navigate to the screens. In addition, you can use the hyperlinks (e.g. “Estimate Register”) to open the Estimate Register screen.

To be able to time phase your updated estimate, you need to activate the new control estimate. Click on the “Activate New Control Estimate”. Note that this action can be carried out several times during the baseline update.

When the estimate has been updated, and the cost time phased, click on the “Set this Step as Completed”.

4. Approval

When Step 3 has been set as completed, next step will be to approve or reject the baseline. If the baseline is rejected, you will be routed back to step 3.

5. All Monthly Reports Completed

When all status reporting for the current baseline is completed, click the Confirm button. You will then be routed back to step 1.