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Work Packages


A Work Breakdown Structure organizes the scope of work on a project into more and more detailed tree structure. This lowest level of detail in the structure is called the Work Package level. Work Packages (also known as Work Packs) are the basic point of control for all costs in Pims. It is very important to get the appropriate level of detail right for your WBS and Work Packages. Otherwise it may be difficult to keep control of the project later. The following points may help in deciding the level of detail which is appropriate for your project:

The objective when deciding upon your project’s Work Breakdown Structure and Work Packages, is not to capture the maximum amount of detail possible, but to create points of control that allow you to efficiently manage the costs of the project.

Work Packages Screen

The ‘Work Packages screen’ is available under the ‘Project Control Basis’ section in the Navigator Bar.

Figure 5: Work Packages Form

The ‘Work Pack List’ shows a simple list of all the Work Packs in the project. This list can be used to select an existing Work Pack you want to edit. The empty line at the top of the list can be used for filtering the Work Packs which are shown in the list. For example you could type ‘Engineering’ into the Title box to find all Work Packs containing this phase.

The ‘Work Pack Details’ section is where you can edit the currently selected Work Pack’s details, and can also be used to enter information for a new Work Pack.

Cost Figures

A set of cost information related to the Work Package is displayed in the ‘Cost Figures’ area. These values are calculated based on information from the Estimates screen. The Estimate information can be saved into ‘baselines’ which are kept for future reference. See the following section for more information about Estimates, and separate section for more information about baselines. The figures shown here are as follows:

Field Name Description
Base cost The Estimated Cost before inflation is applied (see separate section) for more information about inflation values).
CCE The estimated value which saved in the latest Current Control Estimate baseline.
Forecast The current total forecast (Forecast at Complete)


In the Options sections there are a few important options defined per work package:

Field Name Description
Contingency If a Work Package is used only for holding the contingency amount, set it as “Contingency”. You can have several Work Packages for contingency.
Measurable The ‘Measurable’ flag is used to determine how Earned Value is calculated for the Work Package. A Work Pack is ‘measurable’ if it is possible to measure the physical progress of the work which package relates to. This is usually the case if the work involves physical construction activities.
Cancelled When a work package is cancelled, it will not appear on standard reports. You will only be allowed to cancel a work package where the estimate is set to 0.

Three tabs are available on the Work Packs screen. These are:

Tab Name Description
Scope Allows an extended description of Work Pack scope of work to be entered.
Attachments & Hyperlinks Allows files and hyperlinks to be attached to the Work Pack. See the documentation of WBS form information on how to upload and download files, and add hyperlinks.
Experience and SCCS Here you can relate the Work Package to a standard cost code (“SCCS” – Norsok standard coding structure), and to an Entity. Note that this tab is only available if the “Experience” module has been setup. For more details see the User Guide for the Experience module.