PIMS User Guides

Portal Admin

Portal Admin Form

As an Administrator, you manage the Portal for your project from the Windows Client. To find the Portal Admin Form, click “Open Form/Report…”, and open the form called “Portal Admin” under the menu Project Setup -> Project Portal.

Figure 1: Project Admin Form

Defining New Portal Records

If your project is already defined by your Pims Administrator or created through the Project Creation Wizard, a Portal record is already created for your project, and this step is not required. However, if your Portal Record has not been created, click the “Create New Portal” button.

Figure 2: Create New Protal

In this screen, select your project in the Domain listing, give the Portal a Page Title, and click OK. This will create the required placeholder record for your Project Portal.

Managing Initial Settings

The Portal Admin contains a few key initial settings:

Each of these settings are explained below.

Include Risk Actions from Risk Mgmt Module

If you check this option, users will see a “My Risk Actions” area in their Portal Page, which will list any actions that have been assigned to him or her through the Risk Management Module.

Figure 3: My Risk Actions located in the Portal Page

Include Change Requests from Process Flow Module

Figure 4: My Change Request Actions box

If you check this option, users will see a “My Change Request Actions” in their Portal Page, which will list any change requests currently pending his or her action. Clicking on the hyperlinked title will open a new Tab with the details of the Change Request.

User Request E-Mail

If a user with no access to Pims attempts to enter the system, a message will be displayed, informing the user of who to contact. This option allows you to enter the e-mail address of the contact person you want users to contact to request access to Pims.

Managing Project Articles

The Project Portal allows you to enter and modify three standard articles, as described below:

Figure 5: Enter and modify the articles

This article is displayed at the top, just below Pims banner and Tab strip.
This article will display to the left, below the ProjectOverview article.
This article will display to the right, below the ProjectOverview article.

In order to edit an article, follow these simple steps:

Make sure your project is selected in the record selector to the right.

Figure 6: Select your Project

Next, select article you wish to edit by left-clicking on the desired article.

Figure 7: Select article to edit

Lastly, modify the article in the text area to the right. Use the buttons at the top to format your text according to your needs and preferences.

Figure 8: Edit the selected article

Managing Contact Spotlight

The second tab, ”Contact Spotlight”, provides a view of the Project Team Members that have a picture associated with their contact record, and that can be displayed in the ”Contact Spotlight”.

Figure 9: Project Team Members with a picture attached

If you have an updated picture, you can update any of these contact’s picture by clicking the ”Change Contact Portrait Picture”, however we recommend making such modifications through the Project Setup/Team Members/Persons form instead.

Managing Photo Galleries

In your Portal, you can organize photos into Photo Galleries. There are no limits to how many photo galleries your project may have, or how many photos each of the galleries can contain.

Adding a New Gallery

To add a new Gallery, click on the empty record as highlighted in yellow below:

Figure 10: Add a New Gallery

Type the name of the new gallery and provide a Description. After you are done, click in the column to the right or navigate to another record to Save.

Deleting a Gallery

In order to delete a gallery, please follow the instructions below to delete first all the pictures associated with the gallery. Once the gallery is empty, you can delete the gallery by selecting the row of the gallery you wish to delete (click in the blue area to the left of the record), and hitting the Delete key. Click “Yes” on the question if you are sure you wish to delete the selected row.

Figure 11: Select gallery to delete

Figure 12: Confirm or decline

Renaming a Gallery

In order to rename a Gallery, simply click in the Title column and change the Title. You can also modify the Description by clicking in the Description field.

Managing Photos

The photos that are displayed on the Project Portal front page are determined by whether the “Show in Gallery” option has been checked or not.

Figure 13: Gallery overview

Adding Photos

To add new photos, click on the Upload button, then browse and select the file you wish to upload.

Figure 14: Add photo

Deleting Photos

The delete a photo, select the row of the photo you wish to delete, and hit the Delete key on your keyboard, or select the Delete button. When prompted, select “Yes” to Delete the photo, or “No” to cancel the action.

Figure 15: Confirm or decline

Changing Title of Photos

In order to rename a the Title of a Photo, simply click in the Title column and change the Title.

Viewing Photos

To view a photo, simply double-click in the row of the photo you wish to view. You can also click the Download button and select Open or Save.

Figure 16: View or Save the selected file