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Compensation codes and breakdown structure

Compensation Codes

The Compensation Codes screen shows all compensation codes with related information, including contract quantities, MTO quantities and clients measured quantities. The data can be browsed by using the Compensation Breakdown Structure (see section below), by clicking on the “Browse By CBS” button in the toolbar. To toggle datasheet or form view (which will show one and one compensation code), click on the “Datasheet View” toggle button.

Typically the MTO’s will contain huge amount of data. A service will be running in the background to summarize MTO Qty and Client MTO Qty fields. If this service is in the middle of performing calculation, a progress will be shown in the toolbar. The status will show “All values Updated” when completed.

In general all compensation codes will be imported from a contract compensation appendix when a new project/domain is established.

Compensation Codes

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Key Field Description
Compensation Code Refers to a specific item in the schedule of rates included in the Contract
Compensation Type The compensation code can be split into different types of work operations / types, e.g. “Removal”, “Fabrication”, “Fabrication & Installation”
CBS Specifies where the compensation code belongs in the CBS hierarchy.
Star Rate Indicates if the compensation code is a part of the original contract or added as a Star Rate / Norm

A set of options are provided in the toolbar at the top of the screen, for more information please refer to the General Functionality section.

Reference Values

Values in this group are optional and are normaly used during contract evaluation. Anyhow these fields can be used when new star norms are introduced to compare experience data against Contractor proposal.

Contract Info Items

List of relevant items defined in the Contract Info Library. The Item hyperlink opens a dialog containing detailed information including relevant files and media.

Measurement Status

This page contains a summary table containing quantities, man-hours, labour cost, material cost and total cost. Note that these values are vaild for the selected record (compensation code). For overall values use the Measurement Development screen or a summary report.

CBS – Compensation Breakdown Structure

The Compensation Breakdown structure can be used to aggregate cost and quantities according to a defined hierarchic structure. Use the CBS – Compensation Breakdown Structure screen to add new or maintain the CBS. The Parent CBS and CBS Levels fields are automatically set by the system.

In general the CBS structure will be imported from a contract compensation appendix when a new project/domain is established.

CBS - Compensation Breakdown Structure

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