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Quantity Update / Forecast

The forecast should reflect 100% of the project scope and start off as estimate through to As-built quantities. Normally the information is extracted from Contractor’s engineering / weight data systems and imported and reviewed / adjusted by Company. Figure 2 explains the relation between estimate, IFC Quantities and finally As-Built quantities.


Figure 1

Establish and update forecast


Figure 2

As illustrated in in Figure 2 the forecast in Pims is calculated based on contractor input and company adjustment. Based on MTO data imported from Contractor; quantities are categorized as:
Measured – IFC / As-Built Quantities
Modeled – Quantities that exists in model but is not a part of IFC / As-Built quantities.
Contractor Estimate – Quantities that neither is IFC / As-Built nor modeled.

Forecast screen


Forecast Screen (to be replaced)

Key Field Description
Compensation Code Refers to a specific item in the schedule of rates included in the Contract
Compensation Type The compensation code can be split into different types of work operations / types, e.g. “Removal”, “Fabrication”, “Fabrication & Installation”
Measured Qty IFC / As-Built Quantities

A set of options are provided in the toolbar at the top of the screen, as follows:

Toolbar Option Description
New Forecast NewForecast.jpg
Create a copy of existing forecast… - Creates a new forecast based on existing forecast. All values will be copied.
Populate compensation format only – Creates a new forecast with no quantities.
Populate compensation format and copy actual and estimate quantities from MTO – Creates a new forecast and populates measured, modeled and contractor estimate quantities based on MTO.
Show Navigation Grid Show / Hide Navigation grid. For more information see the general functionality section.
Show CBS Navigator CBSNavigator.jpg
Show / Hide CBS Navigator in forecast items tab. The CBS navigator is described in detail in the general functionality section.
Adjust Quantities AdjustQty.jpg
Select what part of the forecast you want to adjust, by selecting the desired compensation breakdown structure. When clicking “Adjust”, the forecast quantity will be updated According to this formula:
(Measured + Modelled + Contractor Estimate + Adjustment) x 1+ Percentage

Summary Pivot

The “Summary Pivot” tab page can be used for analyzing the forecast.

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