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Measurement Verification

Verification of Contractor’s measurement is a progressive task starting with IFC quantities and through to final agreed As-Built quantities (Figure 3). Discrepancies identified during verification are flagged and Company’s interpretation can be added in addition to Contractor’s figures. As both the Contractor’s and Company’s version are preserved within the MTO you can easily report and analyze differences between Contractor and Company interpretations of the measurement.


The MTO (Material Take Off) screen contains all information from the MTO and is the main working area for measurement review. The data can be browsed by Document, CBS (Compensation Breakdown Structure), or by CBS and Document. Choose the desired structure in the toolbar.

Key Field Description
Files Double click the Open hyperlink to view related documents. If multiple documents exists a dialog appears to let you choose the file you want to view

A set of options are provided in the toolbar at the top of the screen, as follows:

Toolbar Option Description
Browse By Document (Default) Show / hides the document list.
Select the document in the list, and all its related MTO items will be listed.
Browse By CBS Show / hides the CBS Navigator, when the navigator is active; all MTO items will be filtered based on selected CBS item in the navigator. If you activates the CBS Navigator and Browse By Document only documents matching CBS selection will appear in the document list. For additional information regarding the CBS Navigator please see the General Functionality section.
Filter By Batch No Applies batch filter to MTO and Document data. Choose the batch you want to filter on in the drop down list. Use the cross (X) button to remove the batch filter
Show MTO Details Show / hides the lower tabbed section of the screen
Verification Actions VerificationActions.jpg
Current Item actions updates the focused MTO record only.
All Visible Items actions updates all records shown in the MTO datasheet.

MTO Details

This tab page contains technical information and a key compensation related values. Data shown in this section represents the same information as the selected record in the MTO grid. Note that all information is read only, changes related to compensated quantity, norms and rates can be modified in the Contract Compensation Details & Verification page.

Contract Info Items

List of relevant items defined in the Contract Info Library. The Item hyperlink opens a dialog containing detailed information including relevant files and media.

Contract Compensation Details & Verification

This page is devided in 3 sections:
Contractor Compensation
Represents the Contractor interpretation of the contract. All fields are read only.
Client Compensation
By default this section is a copy of the Contractor's values but can be corrected to represent your interpretation of the measured item by changing the compensation code or/and quantity. Changes done in this section will automatically check of the Discrepancy flag in the Verification section.
In this section you can add verification comments and track verification status.

Document Summary

This page contains a summary table containing quantities, man-hours, labour cost, material cost and total cost. Note that these values are vaild for the selected document and not only the selected MTO item/record. For overall values use the Measurement Development screen or a summary report.

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