PIMS User Guides

Step-By-Step Examples

Establish and adjust a new forecast

Step Description
1 Open the Forecast screen. See Navigating in Pims R3 for how to complete this step.
2 Click on the tool bar option New Forecast -> Populate compensation format and copy actual and estimate quantities from MTO
A new forecast will be created.
3 Manually adjust meters of cable by using the Compensation Code Browser to find the records.
4 Increase quantities for carbon piping by 10 pct.
Select the tool bar item Adjust Quantities...
5 Print forecast summary report.
Use the tool bar item Reports to preview the report.

Review a specific drawing

Step Description
1 Open the MTO screen. See Navigating in Pims R3 for how to complete this step.
2 Locate the specific document / drawing you want to review.
By default the MTO screen navigation mode is by document. Use the search field in top of the document list to find a specific document (1).
3 Switch on the MTO details section (2).
4 Use the Open hyperlink to view the document / drawing (3)
5 Switch to the Contract Compensation Details & Verification to review compensated quantity and compensation code. (4)
6 When all MTO items are reviewed you can use the tool bar option Verification Actions -> All Visible Items -> Set Quantity and Compensation Code Verified to mark items as verfied (5).