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Pims Quality Management Process

Figure 1: Example of Quality Management Process

Create a Monitoring Program

A Program is a set of one or more Quality System Audits and/or Examinations planned for a specific time frame and directed towards a specific purpose for the monitoring. To create and manage the programs, navigate to Quality Management -> Setup -> Programs Setup.

Define Activities

A Quality Management Activity can be an Examination or an Audit.

This would typically represent monitoring activities towards Contractors performed by the projects line organization on behalf of the Project Manager / Company Representative. Examination activities are, according to ISO 9000:2005 Verifications, Reviews, Inspections and/or Tests.
Formal assignment given by Audit Client. See “Assignment” for more information.
Field Name Description
Activity No Unique ID for the Examination or Audit
Programme A reference to the monitoring programme
Classification The classification; Audit or (Quality System) Examination
Responsible The person responsible for the identified risk (Risk owner)
Discipline The discipline, e.g. Commissioning or HSE
Type Type of audit or examination. E.g. Internal, External, Self Assesment
Scope The scope for the audit or examination
Field Name Description
Contract No Reference to a contract number. The contracts are defined in the Contracts Management module. Please see the Contracts Management User Guide for further details
Sub Project Reference to a sub project
Risk Activities A list of activities the identified risk might have consequences on
Category The category of the audit or examination. E.g.
Status Status of the audit or examination. Options: Open, Closed or Cancelled.
Client Client, represented by a person
Planned Date The planned date for the audit or examination to start
HSE A check box to identify if this audit or examination is HSE related


The assignment section contains information relevant for the assignment letter. Note that this tab page is only visible for Audits.

Field Name Description
Title Title of the audit or examination
Background Background for performing the audit or examination
Purpose The purpose with the audit or examination
References Free text field to enter any references
Discipline The discipline, e.g. Commissioning or HSE
Approved By Who has approved the audit or examination
Scheduled The current scheduled date


Information supplied in this section, and in the company participant list, forms the basis of the in notification letter report. The Notification Letter can be generated from the report browser and submitted to the Contractor.

Field Name Description
Organisation Audited Name of organisation to be audited
Prepared By Who has prepared the notification
Place When audit or examination will take place
References Free text field to enter any references that will be included in the notification letter
Copy To Who this notification has been copied to
Start/End Start/End date for the audit or examination for the participants involved
Other Info Free text field for other information you want to include in the notification letter
Themes (From, Theme, Participants) Themes with start time and participants

Check Lists

Add relevant pre-defined Check-List templates and review relevant questions by checking or unchecking the Use checkbox.

(To customize check-list templates, see chapter: “Configuration of Quality Management”)


This tab page is used for inputting reporting data for the audit or examination:

Field Name Description
Execution Start / End Dates for start/end dates for the actual execution of the audit or examiniation
Internal Flagging if this is an internal report
Copy To Who this report should be copied to
Detailed scope Scope text as it will appear on the report
General Comments Who this notification has been copied to
Conclusion Conclusion of the audit or examination
Prepared By Who has prepared the report
Verified By Who has verified the report
Additional Comments Free text field to input additional comments. Will be included in report if “Include Additional Comments “ is checked
Reference References documentation

Observations & Actions

Observations can be split up into two classifications.

Non-fulfillment / deviation of a written requirement (authority req., specifications, drawings, the actual quality standard including own procedures / work requirements, etc.) shall be reported as non-conformities in the examination report.
Findings which are not deviations from specified requirements shall be reported as observations in the report.

Use the Major, Internal and HSE checkboxes to additionally define your observation. Internal Observations will not be included in examination and audit reports. Actions are linked to the selected observation. Use the Actions input-grid to add Actions.

Documents & Correspondance / Attachements

Register of relevant documents and correspondance. It is also possible to attach files.


This portion is used to ensure that participants are clearly identified. Both the examination team and the examined organisation should be added. This allows for specifying a specific role to each of persons attending the audit / Examination. The choice of Roles is limited to the classification of the activity.

The list of roles is fully customizable. Please refer to the chapter ”Configuration of Quality Management” for information about managing roles.

Risk Actions

Some Activities may have origins in a Risk Action, where applicable, a reference to the Risk Action may be created. Note: This feature is only applicable for projects using Pims Risk Management Module.

Connecting a Risk Action to a Quality Management Activity is done in the Risks form. In The Quality Management form it is only possible to update certain fields, like Deadline and Status.