PIMS User Guides

Quality Management Configuration

Before you can start to use the Pims Quality Management Module it must be configured to meet your business philosophy or best practice. Open the Setup form located in the Quality Management navigation menu to configure or review Quality Management key settings. This section is not intended for regular users of the Quality Management Module - usually an administrator or super users will complete the configuration.


The project is free to add its own categories to organize Activities.

Master Check Lists

In this section you can review / customize check-lists. Reference to a requirement may be added where it is applicable.

Participants Roles

Add / Remove / Modify monitoring-roles.

Sub Projects

In many cases there is a need to divide projects into smaller Sub Projects. How this is done may vary. However, it is often natural to inherit an already existing organizational structure or to divide Sub Projects by workgroups working tightly together.


Modify, Add or Remove Types. Types are used to identify Activities. Check the “Is Exam.” Checkbox for Types used with Activities of classification: Examination.


Is used to refer to Requirements, for instance ISO Standards or NORSOK. It is possible to refer to these requirements in the Observations input-grid.