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Status Reporting
User Guide

Omega AS
Published: June 1, 2010
Version: 1.1

This user guide provides an overview of features and functionality in the Pims Status Reporting module.


Pims Status Reporting module is a flexible and dynamic tool that allows you to build standardized sets of reports based on existing Pims reports and reports from other systems.

The Status Reporting module makes it easy and efficient to build a single unified report based on output from a wide range of project tools. This makes the Status Reporting module the perfect choice for building Monthly Reports, Bi-Weekly Reports, Weekly Reports, Management Reports or any other status reports.

Main Features

Main features of the Status Reporting module are:

Process covered within Pims Status Reporting

Figure 1: Status Report Process

Pims allows you to save the report layout and re-use it as a template when the next report is produced. This gives a standardized and recognizable report format. Pims supports an unlimited number of report layouts.

Pims supports input of PDF files and Microsoft Office documents in addition to standard and customized Pims reports. This makes it easy to gather information from multiple project tools and publish them in one unified report.

A Table of Contents report is available and gives an overview of the major sections in the report with individual page references.