PIMS User Guides

Report Editor

Figure 5: Report Editor

Key information for Report Editor includes:

Column Description
Report Title The title of the report.
Owner The owner of the report.
Status Set to draft to include a watermark indicating that the report is in draft mode.
Report Type The type of report to be produced.
Cutoff The report cutoff date.
Locked By clicking locked other users will not be able to change the report.
Distribution list List of people to be included when sending the report.


Generate PDF

Click Generate PDF to merge all the sections in to a single PDF report. If the report is rendered with Status set as final you will get a prompt to save the report into Pims. The saved reports will be used as archive and the report should be locked after generating the final version. These reports can be used by other modules to give quick access to all monthly reports for the project.

Open Report

Click Open Report to open an already generated report which is saved in Pims.

Send Report

When the report is generated you can click send report to send an email with the attached report to the people in the distribution list.

Save As Template

Click “Save as Template” to save the current report as a report template which can be used when generating a new report.

Report Section Editor

The report is built up by adding sections of various types to the report. Right click any node in the tree to create new sections. Each section has a section editor and a content editor.

Figure 6: Section Editor

Key information for Section Editor includes:

Column Description
Section No The section no
Section Title Title that will be displayed on the report and in the table of content
Section Type Determines the type of section (see further down for details)
Sort Where the section will be places in the report
Exclude from report Check to temporary exclude a section from a report.
Insert blank page Check to include a blank page in front of the section
Exclude from TOC Check to exclude the section from the table of content