PIMS User Guides

Managing TeamDocument Elements

Figure 6: Elements to use in TeamDocument

TeamDocument Elements are items you can insert into a TeamDocument (as shown above). This section of the user guide will cover the more commonly used elements in TeamDocuments.


Figure 7: Add New Section

Sections are the top-level elements that organize a TeamDocument. A section has to be created in a TeamDocument before any other elements can be added. Click “New Section” in the TeamDocument toolbar, and input a suitable title, click “Save” and a new section will be added (“Updates” and “Comments” as shown above).


Figure 8: Add a Subject

Subjects further organize a TeamDocument into smaller sections, as subjects may contain other elements. To add a subject, click the arrow next to the section title and “Add Subject”.


Comments may be added to a section, subject, task and all elements, and the comment will be attached to the element it was inserted to. Comments aid discussion and allow users to communicate throughout the TeamDocument on anything that was posted.


Figure 9: Various variables to set for a task

All Managers and Editors can set tasks in the TeamDocument. Managers can edit all tasks and Readers cannot be assigned or assign a task.

Various variables can be set for tasks, like who it is to be assigned to, who’s responsible for the tasks, due date, start date, status, priority, progress, etc. These variables are useful for keeping track of tasks and their progress, prioritizing tasks by date/ importance and organizing task lists which is elaborated on next.

Tasks Lists

Task lists can be added to any TeamDocument and can be customized to a number of criteria.

Figure 10: Work To Dos!

Figure 11: Personal to Dos

In editing a task list, there is a criteria text box which is populated by criteria selected in “Assigned To”, “Responsible” and “TeamDocument Folder”. Other criteria can be added by clicking the other options on the right which would add on to the criteria.

A common example would be to display a task list belonging to user ‘WeiL’ for this section it is in, this can be done by:

  1. Choosing ‘WeiL’ from the drop down list in the “Assigned To” text box > Click Add. This adds “AssignedTo='WeiL'” to the criteria text box.
  2. Click “This Section”. This appends “AND RootRef = 'b0535d18-4e09-4bb1-be48-e2700328458f'” to the criteria text box.
  3. Click the “Save” button and the task list will be automatically generated.

Note: The criteria is written in SQL format, so editing can be done as long as SQL rules are followed. Additional criteria which are not listed like Document ID can be manually added by the user (as shown in the screenshot, DocID has been added to the criteria), so some basic knowledge of SQL is useful.

Other options like setting max records and sorting are also available below the criteria box.

File and File Folder

Figure 12: Uploaded Files

Two ways files can be uploaded to TeamDocuments, “Insert File” and “Insert File Folder” (as shown in the screenshot respectively)


“Upload File” will replace the existing uploading file.

File Folder

“Upload File(s)” here adds files to the file folder. You can also “Enable Drag & Drop” that allows the user to drag files into the grey box.

Check In and Check Out Files

Clicking on any of the file names brings up the following dialog:

Figure 13: File Download

Checking the box “Edit Mode” checks out the file, also meaning that no body else can edit the file or check it out while it is checked out by you. Checking out the files will update the file and the file folder as follows:

Figure 14: File is Checked out

A file can be checked in 2 ways:

Figure 15: Replace Original File?


Photo Album

Figure 16: Photo Album

Photo albums work the same way as a file folder where images can be uploaded via the drop down menu (labeled 1 above) and can be viewed 2 ways by clicking “Toggle Thumbnails” to toggle between viewing thumbnails or file list as shown above.

In the first view, file view, mouseover the filename will display a thumbnail. To add comment to the file, double click the comment area next to the file date and it can be entered directly here.


Figure 17: Add a Poll to a TeamDocument

A simple poll can be added to TeamDocument to gather feedback or to make a decision.

Figure 18: Answear a Poll, then view the result

Members of the TeamDocument will see the radio buttoned poll above if they have not voted and the results with the bar chart once they have voted. Note: Each person is only entitled to one vote and cannot vote again. Choosing “Average Score” instead of option score renders the same poll, just displaying the results differently graphically relaying the results without the number of votes or percentage.

Moving Elements Within a Section

Figure 19: Move Element Within a Section

After adding elements, they can still be easily moved and rearranged in a Team Document. From the elements drop down menu, click “Edit” and in the top right hand corner, there will be buttons to shift elements within a section or parent element.

Figure 20

Moves it across elements one at the time

Figure 21

Moves it to the top or bottom of a section (only across elements on the same level as it)

Figure 22

Sticks element at the top (only on top of elements on the same level as it)

Click the “Save” button to confirm its new place.

Moving Elements across Sections

Figure 23: Move Element across Section

The above method is limited to shifting elements up and down within its parent element or section. However, elements can be shifted across parents and sections. This can be done by:

  1. Clicking on the element’s creator and created date line.
  2. While holding the mouse button down, drag the element.
  3. If you would like the comment “Its December!” to fall under the section January 2008, drag the element on top of that element.
  4. If you would like the comment “Its December!” to be the child of the comment “Teambuilding”, drag the element anywhere on top of the “Teambuilding” element.

This method works both across sections and within a section as well.