PIMS User Guides


The TeamDocuments you have access to are displayed on the front page of your Pims Portal (highlighted in yellow below).

Figure 1: Pims Portal front page

Opening a TeamDocument

To open a TeamDocument, simply click on the hyperlinked title of the TeamDocument from your Portal Page.

Browsing/Searching TeamDocuments

To search in available TeamDocuments, click on the “My TeamDocuments” header from your Portal Page.

Figure 2: Search in availalbe TeamDocuments

By entering a criteria in the ”Search For” field, you can search within the different TeamDocuments you have access to. By selecting ”Full Document” you will be searching in all inputs within the TeamDocuments, while ”Title and Category” will do a more restrictive search.

The Notify checkbox lets you determine whether or not you wish to list updated TeamDocuments on your portal page. If this is checked, the TeamDocument will be highlighted in bold on your front-page when it is updated.

To open one of the TeamDocuments in the result list, simply click on the desired TeamDocument.

Creating a TeamDocument

Click on the ”Add TeamDocument” hyperlink on your portal front page to create a new TeamDocument.

Figure 3: Create a New TeamDocument

Field Description
Title Title of new TeamDocument
Responsible TeamDocument responsible with Manager access
Area Specifies a TeamDocument area
Force Subject Enables all the content to be placed only into subjects
Column Layout Sets a column layout
Template Choose a template a New TeamDocument will be created based on

Click the Create button, and you will be directed to your new TeamDocument.

Managing TeamDocument Permissions

To add users and to define their access rights, choose “Sharing” from the TeamDocument’s “Common Tasks” menu or click “Shared With” in the right Team Document pane.

Figure 4: Common Task menu

The following dialog box will appear:

Figure 5: Search and add personnel and / or groups

Opening the Sharing Dialog, add users, groups and master groups by searching their names. Highlight one or many users or groups and choose one of the following 3 access rights:

Deleting a TeamDocument

The user must have Manager access rights to a TeamDocument to be able to delete it. Open the TeamDocument you wish to delete. In the toolbar, click Common Tasks -> Delete Document -> Confirm.