PIMS User Guides

Other TeamDocument Functions


From time to time, you may want to archive the TeamDocument at its current state. For this, TeamDocuments has a function called Document Snapshot, located in the right team document pane.

Figure 24: Document Snapshot

Click on “Create PDF” and key in the snapshot name. A new snapshot taken of the current TeamDocument will be added to the right pane as shown above. If you have your own snapshot system, it can be uploaded as a file to the Document Snapshot section by clicking on Common Tasks > Attach Document Snapshot and uploading the file from your local system.


This function allows users to create a TeamDocument as a template, and then be able to apply this template when creating new TeamDocuments. This saves time when creating multiple TeamDocuments that have similar structure.

To create a template, create a new TeamDocument.

Figure 25: Create a Teamdocument template

Use Common Tasks/Edit Document Intro

Before saving, check the “Include document in list of templates” checkbox. After creating the template, format it to form the template as you would a TeamDocument. The template TeamDocument will appear in the “New Document” form in the Template dropdown. After you have formatted the template as you want, it is ready to be used as a template for new TeamDocuments.

To apply a template to a new TeamDocument, create a new TeamDocument and enter the title. Check “Copy this template into the new document” and choose the template in the dropdown. (Note: Only the title is needed to create a TeamDocument from a template. The description will be inherited from the template.)